Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Brett, Pidgin and a BBQ

I'm glad we made up. Yesterday in particular felt awesome. You being an arse with embarrassing memories and the rest of us laughing away while just us two exchanged a few looks of just...appreciation for each others friendship. I'm glad the group still holds ranks despite our lives changing. Sitting in a circle on the grass just being together felt good. I know I'm selfish, I know I'm possessive and have no right to be, not where you're concerned. It's just I had you to myself for so long it was a hard adjustment letting you go. I should have trusted you more to come back, because you did.

Drunken texts and Clent walks aside, you mean more to me than I'm comfortable admitting. So does Pidgin. Without the two of you I'd be lost. Jones is wonderful, he's the best thing that could have happened to me, but that doesn't mean he can ever replace the two of you. I still need you both and always will. I've been upset about Pidgin leaving and I didn't like feeling as if you wouldn't be around to make me feel better in her absence. I'm sorry I've doubted you in the past, that has been one of my biggest mistakes. I hope you can overlook my childishness, the way I overlook your rude comments about my tits!! haha :-P Love you.

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