Thursday, 31 July 2014

finished my first book.

The kitchen floor, I'm over you.
Edge of the bath, I'm over that too
Dude have I lost my keys? ...Hell NO! They're right here.
Those of you out there who said I was stupid, who I said I would never do it, I have finally let you go. All of you.

I've accomplished a small but significant dream and it's the first of many. I have one thing to say to those shadows who lingered so long over me: I jumped out of the fucking sky!! I came down 15,000 feet and it marked the beginning of the life I was to take control of. My life.  I sodding said I'd do it and I did it. Now I have finished my first book. One of many that is half written in my collection. I am on a roll, a true roll, a sausage roll! I am thrilled with myself and I've finally put those ghosts to rest. I am one with myself and my writing. I am AWESOME. I'll say it again: I am awesome.
Go me, Go me!

I may be poor, I may be a new graduate who is (cringe!) unemployed, but I'm writing and that's all I ever wanted to do. I will fall into a job eventually, with the effort I'm putting in it will be sooner rather than later, life will work itself out and in the meantime I am content. I know my own worth. 

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