Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Sex after a week.

It's been a while since I divulged a passage like this but I can't sleep, I'm still a little too warm and tingling all over. I tingle. It's an accurate description, like little pinpricks of heat that burst on the surface and spread like a shadow over my skin. I tingled when he greeted me on our first date, I tingled like crazy when he held my hand in the cinema for the first time stroking my skin with his thumb over and over again until I thought I'd faint from that miniscule contact. I tingled on his bed in the early hours of the morning when he said he ought to walk to me home instead of carrying on. I still tingle. I may well be suffering from mini strokes every other day! My heart may be ill equipped to deal with such feeling. So still tingling from the inside out, here we go:

Taught a lesson

A vice like grip seized my throat and caught me off guard backing me aggressively into the wall as his mouth assaulted mine. Assaulted is the right word, has he ever kissed me like this before? Hard rushed angry kisses barely even caring where they landed I was in a turned on daze and it took a few moments to remember the use of my arms and wrap them around his bare torso. The wall was cold behind my back and he was yanking my loose dress down carelessly, the fabric getting tangled with the cups of the bodice I wore beneath. The bodice was beautiful, mint green and black lace coming down easily too and I bit my lip closing my eyes in the same half humiliation half erotic feeling I always felt when my bare breasts were forced into the light. I didn't have the chance to cover them before his mouth took one and I lost balance and my knees weakened dropping my height a level. The pressure of his knee between my legs stopped me sliding down the wall and he used a free hand to pull at my hair bringing my face up, as my head went back it pressed the light switch and turned the light on and back off, I suppressed not too well an ill timed giggle and was forced to pay for it with a hurried hand in my knickers testing how ready I was. I was smouldering hot and conscious of the noise I was making, I knew I'd gotten wet the moment that grip had seized my throat. My dress had fallen to the carpet and in the affirmative that I was soaking he gripped my upper arms and tossed me unceremoniously from the wall to the bed where I fell in an ungraceful heap, catching my flaying ankles he twisted me around and dragged me down so my back end almost fell from the bed and he clenched it in his hands drawing my hips up to meet his standing position, pulling my knickers aside rather than off and taking no time to thrust in I gasped and held my breath. With a shock of tight pain and then an immediate acceptance and response my body clenched and instinctively I arched away, the length, the size was too much to cope with after a weeks abstinence. He was ruthless holding me steady and going faster so a few moments later I climaxed desperately reaching out for a pillow or something to muffle the sounds I couldn't bite down on. I think I said his name, I lost coherent thought until he pushed away from me and lay down silently demanding that I straddle him. My legs were shaking and I struggled clumsily to remove my knickers taking the opportunity to pull my bodice back up over my breasts. Legs on either side and hovering above him he immediately undid my work and with heavy hands pulled my breasts back out on display tugging ruthlessly at the tips of my nipples as I lowered myself to have him inside, I'd have held him there slowly to reduce the spasm of my body but he thrust up and I was racked with another orgasm. I always came harder when my hair was being pulled or my nipples being pinched, pain suddenly lost true meaning in these situations, it spurred me on as I worked into a rocking rhyme and knowing full well I'd be bruised in the morning I encouraged him and sacrificed my tender breasts to his mouth and fingers. .....

And someone would like a glass of orange juice so I'll leave that there. Cut another 10 minutes short, hot, amazing, fuck! Hair a tangled mess, "Put THAT in your book!" he says the cocky bastard, wet patch on my side of the bed! Me nagging for a cup of tea afterwards, which of course I got ;-) and yes this passage will most likely feature in my book.

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