Friday, 4 July 2014


I don't believe any of that nonesense about dreams meaning things. I think dreams are simply an over active mind trying to deal with issues within the subconscious that it's been unable to deal with throughout your waking hours. Never the less I have on occasion dreamt things that have then come to pass but I regard this as a coincidence. My waking genuine predictions are often random and painstakingly accurate usually in the form of a careless comment or a half joke that then comes into being some time later. I cast the tarot cards when I want to look at an issue in detail, sometimes I cast just for the fun of it, to experience the calming ritual of lighting candle and incense while scrying. I would like to have dreamless sleep though, I'm always more calm and content throughout a day where the night before has been blissfully empty. My dreams are too complicated, too personal and too lingering for me to forget them upon waking. Sometimes my dreams upset me for days because of what they have made me think about, sometimes they just plain annoy me with their mental exhaustion. I envy those who say they never dream or if they do they don't remember them after the first few seconds of being awake. I would love the emptiness of sleep, I would appreciate the ability to forget, but my dreams remind me. They remind me every time I've almost forgotten. 

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