Saturday, 6 July 2013

Heart speaks aloud

Careful now, as you hold me in your hand
gently does it, I'm afraid I can't stand
I was once broken, into many pieces you see
but she put me back together, she let me free
now you've come and who'd have known
that you would steal me, and take me home.
but careful now, don't drop me
I'm too weak to hit the floor
it's too late for her, but don't let me fall.
I'll beat for you, if you hold me close
but don't let me catch dust, don't smash me around
I'm too delicate to once more be crushed down.
if you grow wary of carrying me around
be gentle, and lay me carefully on the ground
easy does it, that's it, be soft as you put me down
I was once hurt so badly
another fall and she wont mend me
gently now when you want rid of me
wrap me up carefully and hand me back
but don't crush me up, don't you break me
I just wont recover from that.

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