Saturday, 13 July 2013

wheel of fortune has spun around

So the wheel of fortune has spun back around in my favour :-) I passed my exam! I'm still a student and progressing to third and final year of university, I'll be getting my degree and all is well.
Then amazingly I got the job I applied for...I will soon be leaving the hot and hard job of a waitress to be moving onto a clothes shop closer to home and easier on the hours. So much for taking a step back in regard to my ever increasing feelings towards my wolf, I'm in too much of a relieved mood to care about where this might end up. I have so much to think about in September, September has always been a good time. It's the fresh start, it's the new beginning, new pencil cases and new goals. September everything falls into place for a while until Christmas.
It's been a year that I've worked as a waitress and that's now coming to an end
It's been over half a year since I cut my puppet strings and became a better brighter light bulb burning on my own.
Time is definitely flying by, that was the last time I let myself stress to the point of sickness. This last year I'll be prepared, always.

I stopped dreaming about the sea, but the feeling of suffocation will come back, it always does. but its not long now before I can choose where I'm taking myself and my life. Come with me if you will, but that's a ball that will be in your court when the time comes. I follow only one thing: My instinct

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