Saturday, 6 July 2013

Watching you sleep

I watch you sleep for a little while of every morning I'm here.
You're softly asleep and yet don't feel my gaze
Nor the hunger that burns in it
I watch you sleep, not a line on your face
The world doesn't touch your soul too much
In sleep you are sculptured; a statue with the subtlest pink hue 
In sleep you are perfection and I envy you
Lashes so dark and when they flutter I wonder if you dream
Do you dream but not remember always of me?
I wish I could brand myself into your head so when you lay down
It's me you wish you were lying down instead
You are the life form of a god from centuries past
Marked with the warrior symbols of stories yet untold
It's hard to wake such a perfect image 
And yet it's hard to be awake alone

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