Saturday, 6 July 2013

I fell poem

my fortress it crumbled
my soliders; they fell
I was left unguarded
and then I too, fell
you did not give me a fighting chance
you rained fire on my battle field
and then took what was mine
and I failed, I did yield
"take my faith, for God is silent
take my virtue, it is merely first blood
take from me the spoils of war,
extinguish my light,
but one thing I beg of you to leave
for my heart, I shall fight."
My words they fell like my war
they fell and broke like shells
you took my most precious jewel
you took my beating heart
and took me back to hell.
In replace you gave me wings
but its my heart that breaks so easily
when did I stop fighting?
when did I let you take from me,
what I had once sworn to protect
what I'd mended, what was then free
Now it beats for you, and not for me
no faith, no honour, no loyalty
I was meant to protect it, I failed myself
my fortress fell, my soldiers fell
and then at the end, I too fell.

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