Friday, 23 May 2014

a letter to me

If I could write a letter,
and send it back to me
I'd say just keep on waiting
it'll happen eventually
I'd say give up on that year of maths
you manage without
learn to bloody swim! You're still afraid you'll drown.
I'd say punch that bitch in the face
because you should see her now
Don't be so shy, eventually you find out how.
When you're fifteen its hard to see past Friday night
but I promise you're doing alright
Let him go- he's not right for you
and hold onto that best friend, the one you're gonna lose
put that vodka down, okay, it was just a few sips
easy on the mars bars, it's all going to your hips
Don't ignore that girl is history class, the one who took your A ;-)
she's your best friend these days!
Hug those little girls even tighter, they mean everything
Get focussed on that book, it's still not bloody finished!
Bobbie dies: you cry every night for three weeks
Stop staring at your chest! They turn up eventually :-)
catch your breath and follow your instinct
Waitressing is one of the best things you ever did
Kiss that guy in the apron, you missed your chance there
but at least you finally cut your hair! no really!
six years from now you've lived a few dreams
we jumped from the sky and flew thirteen thousand feet
and the friends who walked out of the refec that day
are the ones you're going to keep.
and a year ago you met the real man of your dreams.
Things are going well, we're only twentyone years down the line
everything is fine. everything will be fine.
put sun screen on your face, protect your wrinkly skin!
P.S. Vote for Darius, he didn't win!!!

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