Friday, 30 May 2014

Promise. poem

I promise,
you will enjoy every meal you eat
and I'll never let you starve
you'll have every advantage that I never did
you'll never feel cold inside
I'll never say "Just live with it"
I will take care of you,
I'll make sure you feel every bit of what you're worth
one day when I am lucky enough
to be blessed with children like you
never will you cry because of something I did or didn't do
you'll never not want to come home
because home is hell for you
my weaknesses you will never see
you'll strive to be more like me
Christmas will be magical
every birthday too
when you're one year old, even when you're sixty two
You won't miss out, or be left behind
I will be there for you, anywhere, anytime
I'll put your needs before mine.
Your childhood will be the best
I will work every moment from this moment on
to ensure that I'm your hero, from the moment you're born.
You'll love the memory you have of me, above all the rest
one day when I have children, and I am truly blessed.

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