Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Do it for You because it's You that counts!


I've been neglecting my blog lately, not writing anything of particular interest recently so I decided to take ten minutes to compose a post that's been on my mind a while. Last year I dedicated quite a lot of my personal time to fitness, rock climbing once a week, dancing on the weekend (without alcohol! so it does count) a run once a week, bootcamp and plenty of walking. My motives for such hard work I'm almost ashamed to say were not the right sort, I was upset and hurt and my confidence was buried six feet under. I wanted to be able to say, "Ha! I'm fine, stick that in your weak tea and drink it!" I wanted to show everyone how busy I could make my schedule and how awesome I could be.

It worked.
I not only grew more confident, healthier, fitter and felt great, I also met someone who is now constantly in my life a reminder that I am worth so much more than I ever gave myself credit for.
but then I got lazy...

I know! it was Christmas! There were chocolates everywhere! Damn ASDA and their special offers! It was cold and I snuggled in my onesie which slowly but surely grew tighter and now we're back to our beautiful summer time June and the rain is pouring...but the bikini is beckoning and I find myself in a new frame of mind. Stopping fitness was a huge mistake and one I shall not be making again, not only did I lose my tightness I lost most of that confidence that had built up. Getting that extra bit of weight off isn't all about being the supermodel, it's about feeling good. Feeling AWESOME.

 I'm back to attending that awe inspiring class of Bodyfit Bootcamp. I'm back to feeling enthusiastic about my fitness levels. I'm already sleeping better, I already wake earlier, I feel energised every morning and this time around I wont be quitting because it gets chilly and that bastard Mr Kipling is taking advantage. I am going to keep this up because this time around I have better motives. I'm not out to prove anything to anyone but myself. I'm no longer bitterly wanting to show off in front of others, I want this for me. I want to be that person I know I can be.

My fitness instructor is a true inspiration not only in terms of health and fitness but because of the person he is and the values he holds. He wants to push people to better themselves for their own well being and their own self esteem. It's easy, especially as a woman, to tell yourself you want to make yourself slim and sexy for your partner, but it's harder to admit that you want to do this for yourself! It's not a selfish act, it's a matter of personal well being. Bootcamp man encourages this way of thinking, do it for you, because its you that counts. It's nice to attend a fitness class where the professional isn't hammering into you because he thinks fat people are the devil, instead our bootcamp man wants you to do well because he wants you to wake up each morning loving the person you are. If that's not the right sort of encouragement I don't know what is.
Do it for you because it's you that counts. That is my new way of thinking. I hope I've inspired you dear reader. I'm certainly inspiring myself and I intend to keep on doing just that.

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