Tuesday, 10 June 2014


I love writing. I love it almost more than anything else. Food and sex are swimming around with writing in a threesome of happiness and I can't quite decide which to put on top. Sex I suppose, it is truly remarkable. Food however is necessary and I love eating, I should be a fat person by nature. Sex and food make up the perfect day, if a  day holds both these things its pretty awesome! anyway, I'm talking about writing! I love writing, and not the stuff on here. I love it when I'm writing my novels and they're flowing out like musical notes learnt years ago on a piano often played, it fills me with satisfaction because that is what I'm good at and I'm enjoying it. I am writing my most recent novel and it's going so very well that it's filling me with joy every time I'm sat down with it. If I'm writing I will be fine. I know it inside.

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