Sunday, 15 June 2014

Weekend away

I've now travelled the furthest that I've ever been before, down to the south of our country into St Austell, Cornwall. We knocked another thing off my bucket list and visited the Eden Project. There's no one else I'd rather go anywhere with than Jones. A five hour train journey through scenic countryside with just each other to pass the time, the Eden Project, check into our gorgeous high class room at the beautiful Boscundle Manor and then we took a walk to the coast and sat in front of the sea. A trip to Tesco! Snacks and treats and hurrying bags of stuff into our room like proper Blackcountry sneaks ;-) Jones is completely my match, the imaginary person I described to my brother well over a year ago who likely didn't exist actually exists in him. We can go for a pleasant weekend away, we can stay somewhere wonderful and get on like the oldest and best of friends, we can walk around aimlessly just for the fun of it, turn around every corner, I can rattle on about all the different flowers we're passing and talk about how well they do in a garden, and there's no negativity around us. It's the makings of happiness.

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