Sunday, 8 June 2014

sex=good mood

Nothing puts me in a better mood then sex. I've been 'at it' for over a year now and it still thrills me to the core, the thought, the act, the aftermath. Whatever kind of day I'm having, or whatever mood I'm in is completely overridden when I'm tossing around in...dare I quote a novel...'sexual bliss' and afterwards the world is brighter, I'm happier than at any other time. I don't think this makes me a Nympho! I certainly wouldn't refer to myself as such. I just like to orgasm, who the fuck doesn't?
And since I do 'cum' every sexual encounter we've had, except for the first twice when I was a shuddering novice breathing through the pain, well is it surprising it's my favourite thing, ever!

It's not just the excitement and the sheer pleasure of the whole experience it's the fantastic mood I'm in afterwards. If every morning started with sex and then a decent big breakfast I'd be the happiest person alive! Every day would be an awesome day.

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