Tuesday, 10 June 2014

old habits.

I'm more religious than I like to admit openly. I pray often I think, I try to live by good Christian example. I don't believe every word in the bible, I don't agree with everything written apparently by God, but I do believe in something and I look up to a higher being than any that walk this earth. I may be thinking of the moon which looks down on us with it's friendly face, or the angels that sit behind clouds, a lot of pagan/wiccan icons and yet I sit on my knees and fold my hands and I pray to God for the well being of my loved ones. God seems the most convenient name to call whatever IT is.

I twiddled my thumbs, I twitched my fingers, as I wandered restlessly through the house I murmured over and over again the magical chants and drew in the air the symbols of protection I learnt a long time ago. You never quite forget things like that, the Celtic wiccan faith contradicts Christianity but I mix the two anyway. I finally sank to my knees and prayed, prayed for someone who doesn't even believe in any of this, but I do and old habits die hard.

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