Monday, 23 June 2014

Plan A,B,C and Z

I have a semi plan. I'm going to drag it out another month, give it one more month to have something accept me and if no appropriate job takes me on by then it's plan B.

Plan A: Apply, apply, apply, become employed by a graduate job earning from £10,000 -£15,000+
Save the majority of my wages while still working towards a writing career and publish my book. Get as much necessary experience as possible. Think about studying a Masters and forking out a ton more money urghhh, maybe, not sure, maybe.  Eventually get a job I love and want writing/editing/proofreading/anything to do with my degree. ....and become a world famous author.

Plan B: After a period of 3 months with no job stated above, lower standards significantly and apply for part time 'normal/non graduate' jobs. Hopefully get one fast, and only work part time so the rest of the week can be focussed on working voluntarily in appropriate fields that will enhance my chances of reverting back to Plan A.

So yep, that's the plan. It sucks a bit but that's life. I never thought it would be easy once I left uni, I certainly knew I wouldn't just walk into an appropriate job. Even so it's a bit depressing contemplating Plan A's and B's and C's. Let's not get onto Plan C. Plan C is where I crash into a pit of depression...just kidding, there is no Plan C. Not yet. Because Plan B should work, at least I'll give Plan B a year to evolve and the chance to work. If it doesn't I suppose I do know what Plan C is which is to do a management scheme I'm not keen on. We'll see. Plan Z would be my published book does extremely well, a publisher takes me on to write several more, a film productions rings to make it into a film, I make tons off the merchandise and retire aged 25 with two beautiful children and settle in the country where me and Jones invest some of my millions into my dream tearoom and boutique shop. Then it does so well we take over Greggs and go GLOBAL!!! hahahahaha!!! ...this is why its plan Z.

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