Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Dear Heart, Something important to say

Dear Heart,
     Hope you're well, haven't written in a while
it's so good to feel you beating strong, to see you smile
now I have something important to say,
I am your friend, you are my dear one, but don't come back this way.
I've gotten used to you being with him,
and if you come back to me I'll turn you away.
I don't want to see you standing there, those old wounds opened up
I won't let you in when you drag your suitcases back here
if you let go of this one, I'll say it's your own fault
keep hold, stay steady, let go of that past fear
I don't want you coming back to me,
I won't have you come back here.
If those strong hands by chance break you up,
if you start bleeding and dying again
don't come crying to me for help
I'll leave you out to drown in the rain
I won't want you when you're so black and blue
I'd rather wither away, and I'll die along with you.

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