Saturday, 22 June 2013

Soul poem

A heart is an organ inside
Although it pumps my fuel around me
Although it keep me alive
The heart is just a pound of flesh it does not think or feel
To rely on a heart within your breast is a foolish dream to hold
It does not know or think or live, it merely beats alone
It beats alone. One day this pump will shut down
And you will die along with it
But it will not weep or mourn, because a machine has no heart. 

It is something else inside, something we cannot see
Cannot touch, or monitor, cannot feel or reach.
There is a notion of a soul, a spirit that guides silently
It is the reason we love and are loved, 
It's the reason for everything inside.
You cannot break my soul apart, 
A soul is untouchable.
You cannot damage or hurt or wound 
My soul is alone all alone, 
When I am dead and gone, 
My soul shall live on . 

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