Saturday, 22 June 2013

Lost. Poem

Lost, I can't find my way
Wondering aimlessly as pointless as steam in the wind
I am but a seed blown without choice
I do not live to live but live to die
I am lost. Can't you point the way?

A light next to sunlight is unseen
A speck of dust alone is disregarded 
I am lost in a sea of misery, 
I am lost, and this is to be free
I do not walk to reach somewhere
No one waits for me there
I am alone, I am lost once more,
Where am I meant to be?

I am the mind of someone who is lost
Inside I rot away alone 
She does not know what way to go
And I do not know what to do
Together we wish and hope and pray
But does God listen to my mistress?
If life were fair I'd have a voice of my own
Instead I wait, lost and alone
I am lost, she is lost, together we have no way. 

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