Sunday, 9 June 2013

I didn't see you..poem

I shuffle the deck and think a word,
I feel a question inside
I push my energy through the cards,
The answers have no where to hide.
I see what's important in my life, I see the people I know
I read about the beginning and end and everything below
Taking the deck I spread the crescent and draw the cards to me
The answers lie before my eyes, the future I set free
I see the change in people, as the seasons move
I see the wheel of fortune turn as I win or lose
The heartbreak of one end, the bond with close friends
I see trials and dreams, in truth I see most everything
Only one thing evaded me, one thing the cards did not show
I did not see you as you entered my life, and therefore I did not know
I almost passed by without a backward glance, 
On looking closer dared not think that this was my chance
The cards did not give face to you, or tell me what was right
I did not think I'd see you again after meeting that night 
The cards hid you from me, why? Because I'd have run?
I wouldn't have stayed to discover if my heart was wrong
I rapidly threw up walls and shields but it was much too late
You had evaded my inner eye, somehow you had befriended fate
I see everything I need to, my conscious and cards lead the way
They send me signs and readings so I can be safe each day
But I did not see you my Tree, planting in my heart. 
I did not see you coming, and didn't see if we will part. 

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