Monday, 21 April 2014

Dreams of Failing

I had a dream last night about my uni results, so it's started then, towards the end of every chunk of my academic life I start having my nights sleep tormented by dreams of my results and the future. I'm the sort of person who hates change of most sort with a passion, which makes me rather boring I suppose. I dreamt that I was trying to get hold of that brown paper envelope and for a long time it evaded my touch, always just slightly out of reach, and finally when I did get my hands on it I was forced to open it up in front of everyone! a lecture theatre full of people with judgemental looks, even my old favourite teacher from school was there watching me and I failed, a big fat blood red F.

Emily was in the dream with me, Emily is my friend, I have sadly neglected her lately because I am buried under work. Once it's over I intend to make it up to her with a day outing together, the dream reminded me of this.

I feel awfully sick, I have little appetite and that's always a bad sign.

Please don't fail.

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