Friday, 11 April 2014

Jeans have shrunk???

My favourite pair of jeans have officially shrunk in the wash, they shrunk! that's my story I'm sticking to it. Even the coat-hanger trick has let me down, so my new motto is: if moisturiser is on, the legs are out, damn the weather. Jeans are well out of date anyway! loose is the new tight and all that...Christ, I may just drown myself in the 8th lousy cup of tea I've made today. It must be the teabags, they don't look like Typhoo therefore they're probably P.G and I don't like P.G at the best of times. Or worse, they might be asda's own blend, lord! I'm usually not snobbish but teabags are teabags, they form the base of British life.

Even Jerome looks rather forlorn, fallen on one side, half buried beneath sheaths of paper and notes.
If he could talk he'd probably say "Don't kid yourself, you've avoided putting those jeans on until every other pair is in the wash box because they've been 'shrunk' a while."
I'm totally denying that.
My bra feels tighter too, can't decide if that's good or bad, probably the latter. I'd like bigger boobs yeah, I'd love the 32 DD to spill into a 34DD or a 32E that's small round the middle but larger in the cup and that's the best way to be, uncommon, but awesome. But with bigger breasts comes bigger everything else, I have a month around about until my birthday, I better crack on with some hard core heart racing fitness every day and then in a month I might have met a goal. If this heat wave that's rumoured actually hits I'll need to feel confident to strip off again or risk dying of overheating!
I'll do it. I promise. I promise myself.

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