Thursday, 3 April 2014


My mood this week hasn't been the best. I put it down to uni work stress overload, and on coming time of the month. The door knocked today and I said to my mother "If that's for me tell them I died...very unexpectedly" and slumped into my room. This is basically my attitude for the entire week. I'm glad my Mr Jones is taking me to a live comedy show tomorrow to see the T.V version of myself: Miranda! I am looking forward to an evening out and a date, it's been a while. Even though I'm penny poor and need to scav for everything at the moment, I'm due a payment from selling my DVD collection which I expected tomorrow but its not going to be sent until after the weekend, which sucks. I can't wait to get that last student finance payment, it's going to sit there and make me feel comfortable that I can afford some decent food again! My phone contract is finished soon and like hell am I renewing it! Stealing bastards! I'm going to switch to a virgin contract of £8 a month that gives me more than I get now for £24 a month. Then I am going to job hunt and I am going to stress and cry and rant and enjoy the last easter holiday ever, and hope and pray someone buys me an egg, and if they don't I'm getting myself one because I'll need it. I'll stuff it in my face while choosing a movie before remembering I sold my dvd's because I'm poor then I will crash into Jones' depressed and take over the t.v. and demand a Disney movie download, and I will sulk and pray that I pass my last assignments. This is the mood I am going to sleep in, I miss Jones, I am going to make an effort to look awesome tomorrow night. I wish I could find a spare few pounds so I could buy him some surprise donuts for after work. I must hunt and scav someone for a few pound. Hmmm.

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