Tuesday, 22 April 2014

few weeks left

I don't know where my university grade is going to end up, but I've known since second year that it wasn't going to be a brilliant number to brag about, I have a few weeks of Uni left and I am putting everything I can into my last assignments, no one can say I haven't done my best. The truth is I won't be disappointed as long as I pass, I can't say the thought of failing doesn't make me feel sick, I just hope I pass and then the future is what ever I can make it with those three years, I honestly think were a pointless bloody waste of time, behind me.

As if in defiance of whatever the outcome is Grace has finally come back, idea's for my book, conclusions and answers are flying around my head and spilling out at every opportunity. I know if I can reach a moment of free time without any serious worry or stress I'll be able to knock out chapters for my books the way I used to. If I'm screwed after this absolute waste of three years at least I'll only be 21 and I'll have the only thing that's ever mattered: My books. Grace and I will be fine. No one else will understand this, and all those people can sod the hell off. If I'm still writing, and I'm writing Grace, I'm fine.

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