Wednesday, 16 April 2014

First day of real Sun.

It's a gorgeously sunny warm day. It's a strange one for mid April. I've already got tan lines glaring from my shoulders and I have that feeling of restless boredom that comes with the student free week days of long sunshine. I have work to do, but I've done so much my heads aching and I know I'll spend the night doing it too. I know that if all goes well to plan than this day is one of the last long summer days I'll ever have to waste away. Soon days like this will be a long ago memory and a bitter-sweet daydream, we really should have enjoyed last summer more, but I remember between the good days I was so terrified of that exam, that one that decided if I was to even to enter my last year, I still can't believe I passed it in the end. and now this year I'm stressed out about finding a job and settling into an income. Hopefully next summer will be free of stress and change, maybe it will actually be appreciated on the days I can spare for the sun.

It's day's like now that I really get focused ideas about my book, I can feel it beating like wings and right now I haven't got the time to pay it attention, my uni work comes first for just a little while, I hate saying that. As soon as it's over I promise I'll come back, and Grace is waiting.

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