Sunday, 19 January 2014

2 out of reach job ideas.

There are two job ideas I have seriously contemplated because although far fetched, extraordinarily unique or shocking they're both ideas that appeal to the wilder side of my personality, and they both sound extremely more entertaining than "Sales representative" or "Telecommunications", these two ideas are...Stripping, now I don't mean your seedy £10 lap dance in any sticky floor hole, I mean the high class gentleman's clubs where you need to be 25 and wearing a suit to enter, the kind that splash the money about. I don't care if society claims the profession to be degrading and disgusting, I don't care if strangers watch you wiggle your naked ass, frankly if you have the body for it why not? Why is it any different to get paid to use a decent body then a decent brain? Why do people assume using one means you don't possess the other? The Botticelli "Birth of Venus" is regarded as a work of art, why can't a woman dancing nude be construed as the same? Because she's posing for strangers? Because she's giving a pleasurable sight to people? Why is that any different from people who view and admire the Venus? Are they not also getting some sort of satisfaction at admiring a naked woman. Is it because one is still and the other moving? But then why the prejudice against glamour models? They are a presented as a still image.

The other more acceptable idea of mine was to become an underwear designer, because frankly, it sounds awesome, I love lingerie more than any other fashion item, partly because it feels naughty to enjoy such delights, and secondly because of the way something so simple makes one feel, even when its hidden beneath layers of clothes and no one knows its there, underwear makes me feel confident and pretty and fun and flirty, I would like to embrace this and replicate the feeling for other women and more importantly at affordable prices, beauty and confidence shouldn't be so expensive. I also have a talent for drawing and painting, I have so many ideas, so many designs, I feel fabrics and see textures that I think I could mould into a beautiful pieces of underwear if only I had the tools and the know how to do so.

I am gutted inside that I had these ideas, mainly the second, towards the end of university, when I am finishing a course that's completely irrelevant to any design job. I sometimes think life is playing one huge joke on you, as if its laughing in your face at your realisation that you've gone down the wrong path, "ha ha" it says "The right way was back there somewhere, I knew but I didn't tell you, I wanted to see you come this way and face the river that now blocks your way ha ha"
Some things are so bloody unfair. If I won or inherited a certain amount of money right now you know what I would do...I would pay for some new courses and 're-decide' my life. If only.

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