Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Firefly. poem

you were a firefly, I kept you in a jar
now your light is dying, you wont go very far.
I've been sleepwalking, now I'm awake
This isn't the first time that my heart will break.
I'd rather have slept for eternity, than live for a day.

I need time on my own
to forget the things I want
Such a bright light has faded so fast...
"How can you leave me behind when I was once so bright?"
Maybe He was right,
You can't be heavy with pain and still manage to fly.
I'll put you six feet down
better to be buried, than stay with me and drown.

You were a bright firefly, you had wings
now you fall, wings crumble
the sorrow bird sings.
Sleepwalking, it's over for me
asleep was where dreams came for free
I've awoken to the end of what was my life
I've woken to nothing more than a raining, grey sky,
and I have nothing, but a dead firefly.

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