Friday, 24 January 2014

Oh to be a fish. poem

Oh to be a fish,
to swim this way, and that way
to forget why I came this way,
and go back.

Oh to be a fish,
to not have to think!
or if to think, to forget what one thought
what a brilliant notion, to be without thoughts.

Oh to be a fish,
and swim and swim...and swim some more
to eat floating bits of stuff
and never care what the other fish thought

Oh to be a fish,
I might sleep on the stones below
or go inside that pretend boat
and one day I will die,
and not realise, but I will float.
yes, I will float.

    Now how's that for a poem! ha! I might email this to my poetry lecturer and see what he thinks, the email might read: I am not sure I am going to do very well in this module, but I've had a bit of a go, what do you think?

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