Thursday, 2 January 2014

Last years resolutions and how they went down

Last years resolutions and how they went down...

1. learn to spell resolution -I think I got it but spellcheck could be messing with me

2. get fit- joined fitness class, got fitter, but have now put on winter weight of a stone over Christmas, not to worry, will shape back up before summer!

3. learn to drive- hated being behind the wheel and ran out of money fast, so back burner.

4. finish book- ha! yeah right

5. become a more sophisticated, sexy woman- I have a membership card at the French underwear store does that count? I'm still clumsy and I still giggle into the pillow after I've really enjoyed sex

6. wear heels more-wore them, fell over, heels now on Ebay

7. Go out more- have seen and done more this year than ever before in my life so tick!

8. Keep dating, keep it casual-bored with every daffodil very quickly.

9. Don't date anyone too old or inappropriate-8 year gap with a man who looks like the long lost 3rd Mitchel brother

10. devote self more to the church-did not attend church regularly, lost virginity, gave up all chance of being a saint

11. Don't get serious with anyone-almost a year with my Mr Jones

12. Be real, not what they want you to be-I'd say some people don't like it, but yeah it's fair to say I've stuck to that one.

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