Sunday, 19 January 2014

List of Job ideas

Teacher-Not sure I'm cut out for it at this age
Editorial Assistant-a lot of unpaid hard work to gain experience
CIA Agent-Am I willing to risk my life for Queen and country?
Vampire Slayer-Carlise Cullen was a babe, couldn't kill them.
Park Ranger in Utah-Need to find a way to immigrate, then train
Journalist-Also a lot of unpaid hard work, and who cares if J-Lo is fat or Brad Pitt is now a woman
Underwear Designer-Great Idea! but need money to re-study and then move to capital city e.g. London, Berlin...
One of the Charmed Ones-Would need to track down family tree to see if I am related to the Halliwell's
T.V Representative-Will never be as hot as Holly Willoughby
Reporter-Don't fancy standing in rain reporting all the horror of the country, nor sitting at desk reporting horror of country.
Sales Representative- I don't care if you want this product or not.
Secretary-Could rock a pencil skirt but making someone else's awesome appointments and cups of tea, hmm.
Stripper-Not sure even I have that much confidence or nerve at the moment.
Hooker-I've only slept with one person, never going to be casually jumping into bed with strangers
Telecommunications Operative- I have an awful phone voice, so I'm told.
Midwife- Can't stand blood

Full on lol at the construction of this list.

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