Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Dear God.

Why does God manufacture souls so articulately woven with threads of passion, creativity and the luxury of dreams, to just lose said souls in a sea of waste? Was I not up t standard? am I a prototype you gave up on? Have you abandoned me to my own devices and left me to the mercy of life without your guidance?

They say God gives us challenges, but some challenges cannot be faced without certain tools. You have left me with a toolbox filled only with hopes and dreams and nothing which can be used to achieve these. Am I ungrateful for the healthy body I possess? For the youth and kindly features I am blessed with? For the education and the love that has been made available to me? No, I am not ungrateful, but I am lost. I am lost and uncertain as to why you gave me the rare and few qualities I possess the passion I have, if not for a purpose. What is my purpose in life if not what I have always thought?

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