Sunday, 26 January 2014

Miss Siviter Bucket List

My Bucket List
"I'm a doer not a dreamer"

Bucket List

A thoughtful collection of things I want to do and see in this precious gift of a lifetime…

Bucket List Ticks so Far:

1.)  Skydive

2.)  Fall In Love

3.)  Hot Airballoon Ride at Bristol International Balloon festival

4.)  Grow pumpkins (ref: Cinderella)

5.)  Go to the theatre

6.)  Ride on a Jet-ski

7.)  Visit a Safari Park

8.)  Attend a Camping weekend

9.)  Go Abroad for the first time

10.)                        Host a Christmas Party

11.)                        Lose Virginity (Spring 2013)

12.)                        Horse Riding

13.)                        Graduate University

14.)                        Publish Something

15.)                        Go Clubbing

16.)                        Vote (In honour of the suffragettes)

17.)                        Skim a Rock

18.)                        Cut my hair boy-short

19.)                        Solve the Labyrinth (Longleat Hedge Maze)

20.)                        Quit a miserable job

21.)                        Raise money for charity

22.)                        Be a model for a day

23.)                        Ride on the back of a motorbike

24.)                        Visit the Bronte Museum, Haworth, Yorkshire

25.)                        Drink in Starbucks

26.)                        Walk over Clent Hills

27.)                        Be a Superhero for a day

28.)                        Rock Wall climbing

29.)                        Make an Alien feel Welcome on Earth

30.)                        Visit the Eden Project, Cornwall

31.)                        Complete a Go Ape-course

32.)                        Be a tourist in your own city

33.)                        Visit a Jazz bar and listen to live music

34.)                        Visit the Frankfurt Christmas Market in Birmingham (2013-First time)

35.)                        Visit Harry Potter Studios in London

36.)                        Go to a 'gig'. -Saw Reverand and the Makers live in a Coventry bar.

37.)                        Visit Warhammer world in Nottingham

38.)                        Eat at a Michelin star restaurant (Purnell’s)

39.)                        Visit Kenilworth Castle

40.)                        Visit Birmingham Botanical Gardens

41.)                        Eat at a Food Festival (I’m counting Digbeth Dining Club for this one-incredible)

42.)                        Try to survive the zombie apocalypse (2.8 hours later-I died)

43.)                        See really blue water, not grey

44.)                        Eat in an outdoor restaurant at night

45.)                        Build a Time Machine

46.)                        Travel back in Time-to 1940’s

47.)                        Visit Black Country Museum

48.)                        Go to Comic Con in costume

49.)                        Watch a sunrise and sunset in the same day

50.)                        Travel in a boat

51.)  Move out of parents

52.) Visit The Lake district

53.) Ride a steam train

54.) Travel Rome

55.) Climb a volcano! -POMPEII, mount V.

56.) Start a family of my own by having a baby! My son, Lincoln James Jones born 13/04/2018 

57.) Visit Warwick castle

58.) Travel London-tourist style

59.) Natural history museum UK 
The Full List:

1.)         Skydive

2.)         Be in a Movie

3.)         Fall in Love

4.)         Send a message in a bottle (Reference: Message in a Bottle)

5.)         Move out of Parent’s house

6.)         Grow Pumpkins, (Reference: because Cinderella had pumpkins)

7.)         Grow an Apple Tree

8.)         Enter a bakery competition and win something

9.)         Join the W.I (Women’s institutional)

10.)    Ride in a Hot Air Balloon at Bristol International Balloon Festival

11.)    Go to the theatre (Favourite to date: Dirty Dancing)

12.)    Go on a Jet Ski  

13.)    Scuba Dive (General)

14.)    Go to a safari park

15.)    Camping weekend-Northampton car show, it was freezing, our tent was miniature, I had to pee outside and there were people passing by...that's it! I'm never going camping again. 2014 

16.)    Go Abroad for the first time. (Malta September 2015)

17.)    Cook an excellent Christmas dinner

18.)    Host a Christmas Party

19.)    Visit Stone Henge

20.)    Helicopter Ride over the Grand Canyon

21.)    Have my fortune told

22.)    Lose Virginity 'Spring 2013'

23.)    Horse Riding

24.)    Get Married

25.)    Get a House

26.)    Get a Dog

27.)    Learn to Drive

28.)    Graduate University

29.)    Publish something

30.)    Drive/Ride down Route 66

31.)    Travel through United States of America, in a campervan…Retirement Holiday

32.)    Make a mini-movie

33.)    Spend Christmas in Newyork-Central Park, Rockefeller centre, Natural History Museum.

34.)    Visit the Empire Estate Building (Reference: An Affair to Remember and Sleepless in Seattle)

35.)    Hail a Yellow Cab

36.)    Eat a Hotdog/corndog/pretzel on the streets of Newyork

37.)    Eat Breakfast at Tiffney’s jewellery store (Reference: Audrey Hepburn)

38.)    Photo in the Plaza Hotel

39.)    Go Clubbing

40.)    Finish my novel (Grace)

41.)    Visit the Yorkshire Dales

42.)    Visit London (Window shopping, Big Ben, London Eye, Buckingham Palace, crown jewels)

43.)    Visit the Natural History Museum UK

44.)    Vote. (In honour of the suffragettes who fought for women’s right to vote)

45.)    Visit the White Cliffs of Dover

46.)    “Sit on the Dock of a Bay, wasting time” (Reference: Otis Redding song)

47.)    Become a mother

48.)    Climb a few mountains

49.)    Skim a rock (Yaaaayyyy I did it, twice!! Jones showed me :-P )

50.)    Cut my hair very short

51.)    See the stars from the desert

52.)    Solve the Labyrinth (Longleat Hedge maze)

53.)    Visit Hever castle, Kent (Home of Anne Boelyn)

54.)    Quit a miserable job (Screw those guys!)

55.)    Take part in raising money for Charity

56.)    Escape to the country to live permanently one day

57.)    Grow and maintain a vegetable patch

58.)    Visit Scotland-Lochness Lake

59.)    Be a model for a day

60.)    Ride on the back of a motorbike

61.)    Visit the Brontë museum, Haworth, North Yorkshire (Reference: Charlotte and Emily Bronte, Wuthering Heights, Jane Eyre)

62.)    Drink in Starbucks

63.)    Walk over Clent Hills

64.)    Go Paragliding

65.)    Learn how to make chocolate

66.)    Take a barge trip

67.)    Travel by boat

68.)    Go on a Nordic cruise and see the Northern Lights (Plan 2026)

69.)    Canoe down a river

70.)    Camping trip around Ireland, (Galway, Dublin, Cork, in a triangle)

71.)    Visit Wicklowe national park, Ireland (Reference: P.S I Love You

72.)    Hadrian’s wall

73.)    The lizard peninsula, Cornwall

74.)    Ullwater and place fell, lake district

75.)    Malvern hills

76.)    Fitzwilliam museum

77.)    Take my future children to Disney land

78.)    Visit Windsor castle

79.)    Be a Superhero for a day

80.)    Do another skydive, but with somebody this time

81.)    Take a scenic train journey

82.)    Go on a steam train

83.)    Attend a Masquerade Ball

84.)    Rock wall Climbing

85.)    Visit Land’s End, Cornwall

86.)    Visit Clovelly, Devon

87.)    Visit the Lake District, Cumbria

88.)    Make an Alien feel welcome on Earth

89.)    Eden project-amazing, amazing ice cream, beautiful stay at Boscundle Manor

90.)    Visit Agatha Christie Home: Greenway

91.)    Visit Pemberley (Reference: Pride and Prejudice) Chatsworth House

92.)    Do a spa day and have a massage  

93.)    Learn to Swim

94.)    Have photo taken in a poppy field to remember the Fallen Soliders.

95.)    Visit The lost gardens of Heligan

96.)    Compete a Go Ape course

97.)    Visit Blenheim palace

98.)    Visit Highclere Castle (Reference: Downton Abbey)

99.)    Visit Trentham estate and gardens

100.)                Be a tourist in your own city -Birmingham: Jewellery quarter, Rag market, Bullring, Library, Art museum, Town hall, Symphony hall, Canal walk, Broadstreet

101.)                Watch a sunrise and sunset in the same day

102.)                Learn a magic trick

103.)                Give Blood

104.)                Send a care package

105.)                Have a fun photo with a bunch of balloons

106.)                Make a memory quilt

107.)                Leave an inspirational message on a sticky note in a bathroom/public place

108.)                Have a proper picnic: that's with picnic cutlery, sandwiches and blanket

109.)                Start a retirement fund

110.)                Write a letter to future self and open ten years later.

111.)                Build and fly a kite (Reference: Mary Poppins)

112.)                Build a sandcastle as an adult

113.)                Eat Fish and Chips by the seaside

114.)                Visit Giants Causeway

115.)                Visit 'The Prisoner' village in Portmeirion, Wales (Reference: The Prisoner)

116.)                See a traditional Christmas pantomime

117.)                Try a deep fried mars bar, because seriously! That is some crazy sounding stuff!

118.)                Go to a Jazz Bar

119.)                Visit Blackpool

120.)                Go to the Frankfurt Christmas Market in Birmingham 2013-first time

121.)                Visit Harry Potter Studios-London

122.)                Visit Harry Potter World-Florida

123.)                Have a photo by a lighthouse

124.)                Go in Cage of Death in Australia

125.)                Go to a 'gig'. -Saw Reverand and the Makers live in a Coventry bar.

126.)                Start my own business

127.)                Visit War hammer World-Nottingham

128.)                Get super fit and learn to love my body.

129.)                Build a GUY and burn him on Bonfire night with Jones

130.)                Pick up a bucket of sidewalk chalk and create a masterpiece on the sidewalk at a local park. Graffiti that washes away!

131.)                Attend a posh Christmas/Newyear party

132.)                Eat at a Michelin Star Restaurant-(Purnell's Birmingham)

133.)                Hold a "Just Because" Party, for no particular reason

134.)                Visit Kenilworth Castle

135.)                Visit Birmingham Botanical Gardens

136.)                Visit a food festival (Not a lot beats Friday nights at Digbeth Dining Club)

137.)                Try to survive the zombie apocalypse

138.)                See a waterfall

139.)                Girl with a Pearl Earring-Maurit Shuis, South Holland

140.)                Go Skinny Dipping

141.)                Nude Beach-Maybe

142.)                See really Blue water not grey-Blue Lagoon, Comino island, Malta

143.)                Eat in a restaurant, outdoors at night time-Ramla Bay, Malta

144.)                Build a time machine

145.)                Travel back in time

146.)                See the dinosaurs

147.)                Time Travel to World War 2-1940's

148.)                Time travel to the Regency Era and be Jane Austen for a day

149.)                Time Travel back to the Tudor Times

150.)                Visit the 1960's-Austin Powers baby!

151.)                Cowboy times, wild, wild west

152.)                Thailand

153.)                Istanbul, Turkey

154.)                St Petersburg, Russia

155.)                Santorini, Greece

156.)                Glacier National Park, Motana

157.)                Africa

158.)                Iceland

159.)                Safari in Tanzania

160.)                Hobbiton in New Zealand

161.)                Pastries in Paris-Eiffel Tower, Cathedral of Notre Dame, The Lourve-Mona Lisa

162.)                South of France

163.)                Lourve Pyramid-France

164.)                Go to Comic Con -in full costume

165.)                Go in a shark tank

166.)                Visit Forest of Dean (Reference: Harry Potter last movies)

167.)                See Luke Bryan live

168.)                Take the waters in Bath, Therma Spa, visit Jane Austen Museum, Bath. (Reference: Jane Austen)

169.)                Go on a Murder Mystery weekend (Reference: Agatha Chrisitie, Poirot, Marple)

170.)                Black Country Museum

171.)                Hold a murder mystery party for Halloween!

172.)                India

173.)                Jamaica

174.)                Van Gogh Museum-Amsterdam 

175.)                Sistine Chapel, Vatican City, The Vatican Museums, The Colosseum-Piazza del Colosseo, Trevil Fountain, have photo taken by the mouth of truth-Rome (Audrey Hepburn, Roman Holiday)

176.) zip wire over Niagara falls

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