Saturday, 4 January 2014

To Grace

    Where are you? I'm lost in my own life right now and my escape was to always find myself in yours. I feel as if we've lost sight of each other over the last few years, I can't see where the plot is going and your own character suddenly has areas that are contrasting with each other, is this because I don't know you anymore or because I don't know myself? Both have come so far. I'm fed up, I'm fed up with waiting, and I'm fed up of feeling like I made one of the most serious mistakes of my life by going to university in the first place. I have neglected you and my books in favour of averagely awful grades and 3 years of boredom  and wondering where life is supposed to be going for me, I'm no closer to figuring out the answer as I am for deciding how you will finally meet your end. Inspiration I await you, you are my only savour, I wait for you, come to me. 

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