Friday, 30 August 2013

Dear Heart september 2013 poem

Dear Heart,
Where have you been dear one?
 Are you ever coming back to me?
I wait and watch at the window for you
But it's in vain I see
I hear your cracks crunch but a little, when I hear you beat from a far
How solid are you now, have you healed those scars?
Why do you stay away when there are no bars?
I still wait for you to come back to me
With bruises on your cheek
But you do not, your face is clean
You are happy, and you ask where have I been?
Why do I not follow you, and take a leap of faith
Because dear one why make haste when love is a long road
Love is so easily lost, I was once told
My brave little soldier you are so quick to fall down that very same hole
Don't get lost in the dark, and forget your way home.

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