Friday, 30 August 2013

The Green Door and Elizabeth

I dreamt about the green door again last night. My wolf was standing next to it and it was very vibrant, the colour was like pure jade, I can practically smell the wood. It was a frustrating dream because I only remember looking at it, and my wolf seemed to be waiting for my signal to open it.
Even stranger than the recurrence of the green door is that I dreamt of Elizabeth. Elizabeth is a character I've dreamt about in the past, my unborn future child. In the past I've dreamt of her as a very young girl with a glossy brown bob and freckles, last night was different, I dreamt that Elizabeth was a teenager in our house, I heard my own voice but didn't see myself, then she came down the stairs, the essence of me in jeans, with red crimson lipstick on. It suited her. I'm wearing red today, after effect of the dream. A lot of people say sleep and dreams don't mean anything, but where do they come from? What's behind the green door? Is it the home I'm waiting to create? Or is the green door a warning? the fact that I'm yet to get beyond it's frame says to me that my subconscious isn't ready for that chapter yet.

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