Sunday, 18 August 2013

Spell to lay a relationship to rest.

You held me for a time
but since I have walked away
I have chosen another to be mine
I cut the strings that held me
I stop the hands of our time
On my knees I pray
to never feel such pain again
I burn all that is left of you
As the sun rises this morning, and the moon sets
I bid the sun to cleanse my soul,
and let my wounds heal, my heart forget.

It's often suggested to not rid yourself of all and everything until a year has passed. It's important to be sure and if you're putting real belief into this sort of pagan rite then it should be taken seriously. It's not been a year for me, the planet in other words hasn't gone full circle, and until winter comes around again I wont fully be comfortable to start again. However I've written this and I intend to draw a circle for nothing more than my own peace of mind. I'm ready to cleanse my heart completely and this is that last thing to do. After deleting all contacts, numbers, photographs, this is all that's left. I want to give into this new chapter of my life and stop holding back so much with IF's and MAYBE's. I owe my heart a second chance, this is the way for me to do that.

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