Thursday, 15 August 2013


A wedding is one day, marriage is a lifetime...or at least it should be if it's the real thing. That's how I'm starting this because clique as it is, I truly believe in the ritual of marriage, but I do not believe in a spoilt brat in a white dress stamping her feet, or the groom yawning his way through a colour ideas and potential photo shots. A year of stress, saving, deposits, all for one day! How can it take twelve months to plan one day? Is it really that important to you to spend £500 on a dress you wear once? seriously lets not kid ourselves and pretend we can shorten that netted puffy monstrosity and wear it again, you will never wear it again!

A marriage between two people that love each other shouldn't be a big show in front of people, half of whom you hardly speak to and don't even like. Deciding to go through the rest of your lives together legally acknowledged as man and wife should be a happy memory in your hearts, not some pretentious cripple the bank experience that half the guests will criticise the morning after. Ok so if I were insanely rich and money was expendable then yes I would hire performance dancers and yes I would have the most amazing firework display but being a normal person, in a normal everyday life, a big showy wedding just isn't worth it. Its the act of getting married that's important, not the flashy trimmings you put around it.

Why do so many people put such pressure on this one day that you want to be the ultimate fairytale, life isn't a fairytale, neither is this marriage, that's not what love is about. You want the attention on you all day from all these guests why? The love of your life, that man or woman you're marrying, they will have their attention on you all day because they love you and want this to be special, its their eyes that matter. So really besides a few very close people who you share your lives with, why do you need anyone else? and why do you need fancy napkins and flower petals and whatever else you've poured your savings into all year?

If you desperately want to marry the person in your life, then head down to the registry, in a pretty dress with the people closest to you in tow, say what you mean to each other, but keep it short because you have your whole lives to keep expressing your love, sign the paper and then throw a party. Forget all the rubbish society dictates makes a perfect wedding. If you're really in love none of it will matter. If it's the real thing it will be perfect.

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