Saturday, 3 August 2013

Winter is coming

September is fast approaching, for me September has always been a welcome month. The air is crisp, fresher, it's a time of new beginnings when the smell of new pencil sharpening's sets a tone. It won't be long before Christmas baubles are dripping off every shop window and finding the perfect wooly hat is a priority. I don't get many ideas in the winter months, but I definitely do my best writing when the rain is hammering against the window and I'm wrapped up in a blanket and my fingers are cold but rapid on the computer keyboard. Hot mugs of steaming tea, tomato soup, tins of chocolate biscuits...that's where I lose myself in my writing. That's where I'm home and comfortable. 

I've never looked forward to a Christmas this much before, I feel warm and snuggled into this chapter of my life and I'm certain this winter won't just pass me by In a miserable haze of rain and sleet. This year I'm focussing on the brights, the reds of holly, the greens of Christmas trees, the silver of tinsel and the brown of hot creamy chocolate in a mug. I'm craving the feel of winter because my book needs it. I've spent too long wandering the kingdoms with Grace and its time to move on. I have to finish this and soon. 

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