Monday, 19 August 2013

my book and a headache

I'm getting a headache. :-( the ideas are flowing too quickly, and I cant type them out fast enough, especially not when my eyes need a rest and my still aching foot means I cant change position. It's strange being in this room, my wolfs room, instead of my own. I'm getting more and more used to it, I still intend to go back home and spend a few nights there by myself, but right now I'm concentrating and here I don't have unwanted distraction, but I have the comfort of my wolfs presence when I want it. I'm due on my monthly soon, for those unacquainted with the misery week of womanhood, this is generally a dull and awful few days for me. I have the feeling I'm in for a 'bad one' = mood swings, misery and a probably some very abrupt fits of random emotion. I will want my own space then.

The story of my book seems to be coming along properly now, it makes sense, gaps are being filled, I'm pleased with it, but its taking a long time. I'll be glad when I've finished this and started a new literature adventure. I've grown out of this story, I'm not Grace anymore, I'm me. I guess I've finally become myself, but I need to finish this story. It's supposed to be one of my masterpieces. I'm beginning to think my masterpiece in life will turn out to be myself.

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