Friday, 23 August 2013

I watch you going the same way poem

I watch you, once a burning light
Start to fade as time goes by
You were so vibrant, so bright
I looked up to you, my pretty darling light
But now I see you wearing thin
Like leather on a bag, like the shine on a tin
I wish I could pull you back but it's too late
I can't help, and I hate it. 

I once went down a similar road
I stumbled and crumbled and was left alone
You my darling, go home, go home
Don't suffer the reality that I have known
I watch you spiral down the same way
I want to hold you back, but it's not my place
It's too familiar, the memory of pain
It hurts me to watch you end up the same
Open your eyes, don't be blind
For you there is still time 
I think he's going to break your heart this time
Just like me, just like mine. 

I have felt lately like a friend of mine is going down the same path I went down with my last relationship, I am seeing reflections of my past in their present. I want to shout out and point these things out but it's not my place, it's not my mistake to make. But I did make it, I suffered it, I stayed when I should have walked away, I bled when I should have fought, I crumbled when I should have stood. I can see the same patterns emerging, the same occurrences. All this is just a feeling I guess, it's the way I'm viewing it, but in these matters I'm rarely wrong. I've been there, I've suffered this. I can see it happening all over again. 

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