Thursday, 20 March 2014

1st day of Spring

I don't feel too wonderful right now. I'm fresh out of the bath, in fluffy P.J's with wet hair air drying and I should really feel as relaxed as I can be but I'm a little on edge. Might just be that I'm here. It was the official first day of spring today, according to google; that usually means I will get an idea for a new story/book, I usually do in the spring.

I never much liked change. Not even when I was very little and shouldn't really care about such things. Everything's about to change dramatically, when that day comes it's going to spiral at a rapid pace, I know I is! When that day comes nothing is going to be the same as it was the day before, I hope to god I'll be ready by then, but I know that I'm not and worse than that I see these eyes following me with judgement and the same expression as if waiting to see me fail.

I keep telling myself that I know my book now, Grace has come back to me, she will see me through this. I'll make something of you one day I swear I will, and in return you will make something of me. God knows I have nothing else.

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