Tuesday, 18 March 2014

See-through underwear.

So, we've established I'm an underwear fan, and you know me and my big mouth have said "I'll wear anything!" ...well my friend recently reminded me of this at an Ann Summers, while I was lingering on a page wanting something but hesitating. It's not even that bad really, but I took some persuading and now it's come in the post and I'm looking at it as if to say "I'm never getting into that"...actually I did get into it, without any hassle so lets do a quick 'woo', ok now woo is over lets talk about this piece....

It's called an Amira Lace dress, and its made up entirely of black flower print lace and ribbon, it snugly hugs the body and goes all the way down to the knee, it's completely see through! I was tempted to shove a bra on but curse this thing it's gotten the better of us shy women and has a low back making a bra unacceptable...the front isn't really all that, its snug and its see through but its the back I'm wide eyed at. As if being transparent wasn't enough, the back is basically torn open from top to bottom and laced accurately and (unalterable) with criss cross ribbon, open criss cross ribbon, like a corset, but at the back, and open! Your naked rear end is framed and caged by a tempting revealing ribbon criss cross that's screaming, "I'm ready to be bent over onto my hands and knees."

I'm a breast person, through and through, I love my boobage, but my backside....not so much. You know boobs get bigger it's all fun and games, ass gets a little chubby and you're trying DIY lypo with Henry Hoover (I have not done that, I do not recommend it, it doesn't work...just going on others ;-) )

So anyway, I get this damn thing on, I make sure its all where it's supposed to be...oh yeah, don't think it's a tricky one to hitch up, oh no, they thought of that, the ribbon at the bottom unties so you can loosen and hitch up to your lovers content! So I'm in it, I put on some smooth music "The Look of Love" -Dusty Springfield...you know the one! Totally a bedroom song, and I'm thinking a piece like this needs practice in...confession: I practice in my underwear (I'll do a different post for that)...
I need to get my confidence up in this thing, I'm doing the Roger Rabbits Wife dance in front of the mirror, analysing that everything looks alright without any support, the rear end is doing rather well, and when I wiggle nothing busts out so it's a win. I'm still a little shifty eyed about this rear end attention but we'll see. Into the cupboard it goes, ready for when I've worked up enough nerve for the weekend. Now I just need to pick a dress to go over this thing.


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