Sunday, 2 March 2014

in bed with Jerome

It's almost 10 O'clock and I'm in bed with Jerome watching CSI Miami and trying to ignore the pain in my joints. I can't believe how much I'm hurting this week. I've looked up natural remedies and lifestyle changes because now I'm getting older I feel like I should take a very active role of helping myself and my arthritis, I should try and hold back the progression as much as possible and frankly I can't let pain like this week get the better of me in the future when I have serious every day commitments. 

I wonder when I write posts like this if the reader is disappointed that it's not one of my, seemingly becoming famous, sex posts. I know I write a lot of those, and I hear from the viewers I know that they're quite entertaining. But this blog has all of me not just the juicy bits, and the great thing about blog posts in comparison to a book is that you can pick and choose what you read. But I like to think somewhere in the world one day some young woman who also has arthritis and has suffered with it from childhood might read these odd moaning posts and understand. However, for my naughty readers I'll fifty shades of grey you soon :-P since earlier I felt a hell of lot better than I do now and I got it on with my Mr Jones. Who I think I might give a new name of Mr Smith, since both are equally common, but Sian Jones has a great ring to it! 

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