Monday, 3 March 2014

2 in one week! Score!

I've recently discovered that two guys, I sort of know but I'm not friends with, fancy me. Woo! Yeah I know TWO in one week! Pretty awesome. Of course I'm sharing this with the world, hey I'm human and this sort of thing doesn't happen all that often! Especially since I went off the market. But it feels pretty damn good, you know in a "I've still got it" kinda way haha! no actually I never had it, never mind still have it, I am not equipped with the art of flirtation, and I certainly don't have that sex appeal allure, but hell I'm flattered!

Of course that's where that ends, right there. I know plenty of people who live by the statement "There's no harm in flirting"...well of course there is! You slut! It's rude and disrespectful to your partner, and completely inappropriate to lead someone else on when you're not available. I am very much against cheating of any sort. Yes I love gossip, yes I'd adore to hear of one of my nearest and dearest embarking on an affair with the man at the Sainsbury's check out but I have double standards, I'd never want to be the subject of such gossip myself, provided it were true. So a polite "Thank you very much but I'm officially taken," and a "here, check out my single friends!" puts that correspondence back on an equal footing of understanding.

Considering I've felt pretty rubbish lately, with arthritis flare up and the remains of a cold, and the fact that I've put on winter weight and stressing out over uni, well this little boost was a nice spoon of sugar in my tea. It felt very good to feel unexpectedly attractive and my confidence took a little skip in the air, just a little. I have a long way to go before summer. I intend to work hard and seriously. This was a nice tiny boost of encouragement. Men can be such darlings when they want a shag, it's such a waste of their darlingness when its never going to happen in a million years but I appreciate the effort. Thanks guys.

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