Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Underwear Practice

So I've mentioned that I 'practice' in my underwear...this is something that I don't understand why every other girl that cares about her sex life doesn't do too. When I get new underwear, this isn't for the bras and knickers I wear daily and know the ins and outs of..this is for more interesting pieces: new corsets, dresses, nighties, suspenders etc. I open up my new underwear at least an hour prior to actually heading out in it, and I make sure its all adjusted properly to my body, and I 'practice'. The wiggle, the bend over, the squat, the 'on top squat'- which is different from the other squat because this one is on the bed and on knees.

Then there's the getting it on and off if you intend to lose the underwear at some point...I'd do this even if you intend to keep it on, because who knows what he's in the mood for. You need to make sure before hand that you know the easiest, quickest way of getting this thing off, from experience, you do not want to try pulling something over your head to discover there's a clip that needs to come undone and your earring gets stuck and your elbow hits the table and.....yeah so we practice the on and off. We practice movements both normal and erratic and a few sex positions to make sure whatever it is you have on isn't going to be an obstacle or god forbid: rip a massive big hole and show your unflattering backside unexpectedly!

I'm also looking to see that everything looks okay, no nothing bursting out where it's not supposed to! No strange indentation made by a faulty clip, no discomfort anywhere, no tightness leaving red marks, no sag, no anything we don't want! This sounds clinical, but you can't just hope for the best! You need to make sure everything is tip top. Well I do, otherwise more things are likely to go wrong, I'm clumsy and I care about these things. I care about making the special effort. I also like to get used to what I'm wearing so I'm not fidgeting around, it's only after all this that I make the decision whether this had passed the first test...if so I allow it place in my underwear wardrobe and will wear it for the man in the bedroom...then if he likes it, a lot, I upgrade it to first shelf where only the best go and I rarely wear it so that its a treat! sort of. If he likes it but not so much that its first shelf, its second shelf, and if he doesn't like it at all, it's likely to be a PMS week outfit or it goes in the charity bag. Underwear is a serious business. I take it very seriously.

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