Saturday, 22 March 2014


Marilyn Monroe seems to me to be the ultimate bomb shell with unquestionable sex appeal. Whether or not you prefer a blonde, brunette, or redhead I think she hits the target with her general demeanor. It's mainly her movements I love rather than her makeup and style, it's every slight movement, every gentle caress and the seductive wiggle walk she seems to have mastered, I'd love to learn how to walk like that and I wonder if you were rich could you pay for lessons in sexy walking and movement, or is it just  an art one must learn over years. I've always envied girls that are really effortlessly sexy, it's infuriating. I watch Marilyn Monroe movies and sigh dramatically, I wish you were still alive so that I might hope to get an email response of advice from you, what a bloody waste it was when you died. 

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