Thursday, 13 March 2014

A mothers poem

Hello little one, get used to my voice
it will sing you lullaby's for the rest of your sweet life
As you move inside me, I'll keep you safe from harm
and carry you inside my fortress, and later in my arms
I haven't met you yet, but you're my favourite person
nothing will ever change my mind, and that's absolutely certain.
I promise with all I have, that it's all for you now
and I'll never remember, how I ever did without.
I'll catch every fall, wipe all your tears
I'll be the champion who destroys your fears.
the one that sweeps away the monster, hidden under the bed
I'd starve myself and freeze, to see you clothed and fed
Your years will drag on, but for me they're flying by
and one day you won't understand why your leaving makes me cry
but I've feared forever, the day you say goodbye.
I hold you inside me now, remember my voice
I'm going to cherish you little one, for the rest of your life.

     (Note to my readers...No I am not pregnant so don't start having a panic attack ringing me, I was inspired by a few others)

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