Tuesday, 25 March 2014


To appreciate cake, one must first eat cake...and then some more

You cannot eat your cake and have it too, so I suggest you bake another

To not eat cake is to betray the bakery code

Cake is good, so are friends, but you can't eat friends, so cake is better

Cake is like bread, so it's okay to eat for breakfast instead of toast

A good household always has cake for guests, and another for when they have gone

A woman must have, at all times, the basic ingredients to bake a cake in times of need when the shops have closed.

Cupcakes are like cake dwarfs, we must have seven of them for the story to be right.

Crumbs are just pieces of cake that are very, very small, and one must not be sizest, eat all the crumbs.

Friends offer you cake, great friends give you a huge slice, the best of friends bring in a whole cake and two forks.

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