Saturday, 4 May 2013

Angel breathless

On the cold concrete slab the angel soiled her knees, beneath the ripened moon in the fresh and cooling air of night. Hands pressed gently together, head bowed in respect, "Forgive me father for I have fallen" the words so often uttered now that they had become the initiation of a once rightous ritual. "I have fallen from grace my lord, I have fallen far from the clouds of heaven and what is worse I did not stop at the gates of Hell, I have fallen so far, spiraling into the deep hole that surpasses heaven, earth, hell and all in between. To lust is to sin, but to love is to admit utter defeat. The angel smiled softly "Forgive me father, for I do not repent" Driven my lust, held by love, a fatal combination, "How am I to fight? I cannot, I will not. I want him more than I am willing to admit"

The angel raised her head, harlot scarlet shimmering in the little light allowed to shine upon her, but light was not needed when such a flame burned from within. Once more the angel closed her eyes in memory and waited until the rush of the hurricane came thundering back....

The same room, the vulnerability of nakedness, bare breasts on display forbidden to cover herself the angel turned her head away in hot embaresment, not for long, such uncertainties had no room in a head full of mist, the mist that came with need. The wolf's claw dug gently into her skin etching paths on delicate skin that faded instantly leaving nothing but rivers of heat that expanded up her throat, down her arms into her palms making them clamy with anticipation. The familiar ache burst between her legs, her intimate daffodil so private but now so exposed suddenly slick and hot, so hot, the ache grew, it itched for a touch, a stroke. The emptiness she'd felt from the last time had spurned the angel on, she needed to be filled, to be entered. Finally legs bending, mouth sighing the key was pushed into the lock and the angel moaned. Hard, thick, ready, pulsing, pushing, more, more, more...

Grasping some feeling inside, touching something unreachable by anything else, touching it again. Sliding back and forth so cruelly far away then tantalisingly close, back and back again, deeper, filling the space so little used, so tight, so hard, harder still. The heat was almost burning, the heat that seemed to radiate from her body, from her pussy, hot, wet, desperate. Angel thought of nothing else, time faded into a far off memory, limitations and restrictions disembled in her mind, her voice was not her own, that once made cultivated prayers, but now foul tongued, rich in desire, hungry with passion, animalistic like a wolf herself, more, more, more. Harder!

The angel came so suddenly it took her off guard, it rocked her hips and shuddered her heart once so fragile now beating so hard, so fast for her wolf. Blood perhaps rushed to her head for her vision blurred ever so briefly and she could have passed out with the pleasure had it ended, but no the tension was greater, the relief had been but a moments passing, now another craving built it's way up almost immediately. The angel lost herself when it happened again, and sent a silent sorry to the above, for this demon was worth the loss of heaven.

Rising up from her ridgid posture on the stone floor, the angel winced a little from the pain, an ache, a stinging reminder of how crazed for passion she'd been. Despite the slight discomfort the angel wanted more still. Never enough, she thought shaking her head. It was never enough, it never would be. Always wanting more. The ache was a simple reminder that her tight closed flower so long had been waiting had finally been opened to sunlight and the wolf with his size and his strength was widening a doorway to heaven, left locked too long. Sighing again the angel cursed her dampness, if not to be taken again, at least to feel the strength and furr of her wolf would be enough to ease such discomfort. Angel you have been tested, something said within her, you have been trialed by God and failed but he will forgive you your one sin, it is the most delicious hobby to listen to your thoughts, now you must be trialed by the other side, you must learn a little restraint, you need to curb this and seperate this heat thats clouding your mind from everything else. There's a time and a place for such thoughts, learn where that is and lock the door behind you when you leave it. For now try and sleep angel, try and think of other things. The angel lay down her head, knowing she would dream of the wolf regardless, the wolf, the green door and the promise of next time.

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