Sunday, 26 May 2013

Balloon in a box

My birthday has come and gone, I am twenty. Waking up and getting morning 'love' under the sheets is one great way to start a day, but taking myself home briefly to retrieve my birthday delivery proved to be another breathtaking experience, opening a box light as air for a big balloon to rise up P.S. I Love You style, and floating in front of me was an envelope attached to the balloon holding a ticket to another bucket list dream...I'm going on an airballoon. :-) My space marine solider is taking me away to stay somewhere and I'm going up in a hot air balloon. :-)

Previously when I opened one of the gifts from Amy pigion, my best friend, I held a necklace with an airballoon charm and it made me think about how desperate I was for that, a little while later and that thought is a reality. It means a lot to me to do this, it's not a gift it's a dream.

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